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How do I start a project with you?

You can start the process by using the contact form to get in touch and request a quote.

Tell me a little about your project and your vision for what you would like, and I’ll reply right away with our next steps, prices, timeline, etc.

How long will it take?

It depends on the complexity of the project.

But the usual time frame for the preliminary covers will be complete within 14 days.

More information on a timeline will be discussed for your particular project.

What should I expect during the cover design process?

You'll fill out a simple form that will assist me in knowing more about your book project (outline of story, genre, type of cover you want- ebook or full jacket).

Once I have those and feel like we are the right fit, you'll then submit a 50% monetary deposit (by means of Paypal) to start the design work.

At that point, I'll get in touch with you to talk about the tone, subject matter, colors, fonts, and the general feel you want the cover to reflect.

After I get all of the information needed, I'll begin your two initial cover design concepts, and within fourteen days they will be delivered to you for review. When you have picked one of the designs to go ahead with, I offer boundless revisions until you are 100% pleased with your cover!

Delivery of cover

Once your cover is ready, and I have received the remainder 50% money, I will post them in a private online gallery where you can view and download them.

If I have not received the remainder 50% of payment, the photos shown will only be the low resolution watermarked image proofs and full resolution files will not be released until payment is made in full.

How does payment work?

There is a 50% deposit to start the project and the balance is due upon completion. Payments are made securely via Paypal. To get a quick quote, simply contact us via the contact form and tell us which services you need.

Can I get an e-book version now and a full jacket at a later date?

Yes! Your e-book cover can be upgraded to a print version at a later date if needed.

Have a question that we didn't answer here? Contact us today, we’d be happy to help.


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